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Trailhead Welcomes Josh Eastburn

July 28, 2016 - J. Tower

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Trailhead Technology Partners is very pleased to announce the addition of our newest partner, Josh Eastburn. Current partners, J. and John, give their thoughts about the expanded partnership below, and welcome Josh to the team. Josh also shares a few of his thoughts about joining the team.

It’s been an amazing year at Trailhead so far. We’ve already had some great successes, but none more exciting than adding another partner of Josh’s caliber to the team. Josh brings over 16 years of experience running software projects, architecting systems, developing for the web, and working with the entire Microsoft stack. We’ve seen high demand for many of our core competiencies, such as ASP.NET Core, Angular 2, and Xamarin, and know that Josh will be able to help us meet that demand.

I’ve worked with Josh at three companies before Trailhead, and am thrilled to be able to do it again as business partners. We’ve been friends for about 20 years, and I can’t think of anyone better to partner with besides Josh and John.

Our goal with Trailhead is to have a small, elite group of the very best people–both technically and personally–and Josh easily meets those requirements. With his addition, we’re excited to have additional bandwidth to serve both our existing customers and hopefully many new ones too, over the years.

It’s hard to stay away from the three musketeers here, but I will do my best!

When J and I started Trailhead a short half year ago, we knew we wanted a few more partners, and we knew for sure that Josh was one of them. The three of us have worked together in the past in different constellations and always knew we wanted to keep working together, so this is a dream that came true much faster than I could possibly have hoped.

In Josh, we have the model partner: an experienced, senior architect that is also a strong team lead, an accomplished consultant and an all round awesome human being! That his name starts with J and that he likes to hike doesn’t hurt! Business has been booming at Trailhead, and the timing couldn’t be better to get some well needed additional hands on board – welcome Josh! We are very fortunate! All for one and one for all! [oops!]

I’ve spent the last 6 years at a dream job that I never thought I’d want to leave. But when J. and John offered the opportunity to join them as a partner at Trailhead, it was something I couldn’t turn down. I’ve worked together with J. for over half of my professional career at 3 (now 4) companies and with John for several of the best years of my career and I’m thrilled to have the chance to work with them again.

Some of the most successful and innovative software projects I’ve worked on over the years were when collaborating with J. and John. And while I hate to use business-speak, the word synergy perfectly describes the way that our strengths work together to provide the best possible solution for clients. Both J. and John have an excellent sense for software architecture and the ability to quickly determine the best solution for a client. I’m honored that they would have me join their team and I am really excited about what the future holds at Trailhead.

J. Tower

One thought on “Trailhead Welcomes Josh Eastburn

  • rich timmons

    July 24, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    Hi Josh, It was great catching up with you and Heather. I just went on your website to check out what you do. It all looks and sounds exciting. Wishing you the best.



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