.Net MAUI + Azure Pipelines + iOS TestFlight!

In this post, I want to show you how to publish a .NET MAUI app via TestFlight from an Azure Pipeline. These tools allow you to create cross-platform Android and iOS apps, then use pipelines to build the app any time its code changes, and deploy an unofficial version of the app to a group […]

Android Splash Screen Logos and Animations with Xamarin

Android 12 has a few surprises for mobile developers, and its new splash screen is one of the most notorious. In previous versions of the SDK, you needed to create an activity if you wanted to customize the splash screen. However, we now have access to the splash screen API to customize the screen. You […]

So You Want to Migrate a Xamarin.Forms App to .NET MAUI

.NET MAUI is out, Xamarin.Forms support will end on May 1, 2024, and you are probably thinking “How can I migrate my Xamarin.Forms app to this new .NET MAUI framework?” Fear not, my fellow developers! I shall provide an example of how we can migrate an app to .NET MAUI. However, there are some requirements you […]

Xamarin and the Magical Quest to Bind a Java Native Library

Hello folks! Did you ever think about how cool it would be to re-use an already working and tested Java library to save a couple of months of development time? Well, you’re not alone. The third-party library ecosystem for Android is vast and had the potential to save app developers a lot of time. Most […]

Controls with NControl!

We occasionally want to include a specific UI design in our mobile apps that should look exactly the same on both Android and iOS, but we don’t want to construct custom controls to do so. This is when the NControl package comes into play and can help us construct custom controls without having to write […]

Let’s Talk About GPU Rendering Speed and Overdrawing in Android

Most of the time, we software developers focus on optimizing our code. We want it to be fast, easy to understand, and easy to maintain. Many of those codes are related to data handling, API queries, record updates, etc. But how many times do we worry about optimizing the user interface? When we navigate to […]

Montage Portal

Montage Furniture Services provides furniture protection plans and claims processing services to a wide selection of furniture retailers and consumers.

Project Background

Montage was looking to build a new web portal for both Retailers and Consumers, which would integrate with Dynamics CRM and other legacy systems. The portal needed to be multi tenant and support branding and configuration for different Retailers. Trailhead architected the new Montage Platform, including the Portal and all of it’s back end integrations, did the UI/UX and then delivered the new system, along with enhancements to DevOps and processes.


We’ve logged countless miles exploring the tech world. In doing so, we gained the experience that enables us to deliver your unique software and systems architecture needs. Our team of seasoned tech vets can provide you with:

Custom App and Software Development

We collaborate with you throughout the entire process because your customized tech should fit your needs, not just those of other clients.

Cloud and Mobile Applications

The modern world demands versatile technology, and this is exactly what your mobile and cloud-based apps will give you.

User Experience and Interface (UX/UI) Design

We want your end users to have optimal experiences with tech that is highly intuitive and responsive.


This combination of Agile software development and IT operations provides you with high-quality software at reduced cost, time, and risk.

Trailhead stepped into a challenging project – building our new web architecture and redeveloping our portals at the same time the business was migrating from a legacy system to our new CRM solution. They were able to not only significantly improve our web development architecture but our development and deployment processes as well as the functionality and performance of our portals. The feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Trailhead has proven themselves to be a valuable partner.

– BOB DOERKSEN, Vice President of Technology Services
at Montage Furniture Services

Technologies Used

When you hit the trails, it is essential to bring appropriate gear. The same holds true for your digital technology needs. That’s why Trailhead builds custom solutions on trusted platforms like .NET, Angular, React, and Xamarin.


We partner with businesses who need intuitive custom software, responsive mobile applications, and advanced cloud technologies. And our extensive experience in the tech field allows us to help you map out the right path for all your digital technology needs.

  • Project Management
  • Architecture
  • Web App Development
  • Cloud Development
  • DevOps
  • Process Improvements
  • Legacy System Integration
  • UI Design
  • Manual QA
  • Back end/API/Database development

We partner with businesses who need intuitive custom software, responsive mobile applications, and advanced cloud technologies. And our extensive experience in the tech field allows us to help you map out the right path for all your digital technology needs.

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