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Disrupting the Consulting Business Model – for you!

March 3, 2016 - John Waters

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The startup staffing conundrum

iStock_000025612013_SmallCongratulations! You are a startup with a great software product idea, and have secured enough funding to get a first version to market! You know time to market is critical, you are concerned someone else might beat you to it. If you could just hire the right team and get cracking!

But now you are at a loss:

  • All the good people seem to be already taken, or have salaries way out of your league, or they are not ready to jump on another startup.
  • There are consultants, but their rates are sky high
  • You get tons of resumes from all over, people claiming to match your job positions, but when you interview them, their skill sets seem way off. And why are they on the bench?
  • You have heard about out-staffing, or outsourcing, but that seems to come with it’s own set of problems

Sound familiar? It certainly does to us, and we believe we have created a unique solution that has helped many clients that are in your situation.

The best of both worlds

worldWhen you engage with Trailhead, you get a dedicated Partner. A Trailhead Partner is a veteran software consultant, a senior software architect: a guru. The Partner is who you would like to be your CTO, or your Director of R&D. He or she is American, is used to working with executives and product managers, and speaks business speak, not geek speak. Your Partner is your representative, your liaison to technology. At Trailhead, all our employees are Partners. There are no junior people. You hire us, you get a Partner.

Like the other leading software consulting firms, or top tier talent, these Partners don’t come cheap, but they know what they are doing, and they understand you. But here is where we differ from our competition: we do Off Shore the right way.

At Trailhead, we have handpicked an awesome offshore team. Each one has been vetted in a series of interviews, just as you would when hiring someone yourself. They speak excellent English. However, we will do all the communicating for you. They are well educated, with degrees in Computer Science. They are senior developers and engineers, in their country, but living there is way cheaper, and so are their salaries. We have met them, we have traveled to their cities, and they have traveled to the US. These are not your run of the mill offshore guys; we vouch for them. You can afford them, we can manage them.

When you engage a team from Trailhead, you get the best of both worlds. You get the experienced, business savvy, local guru, and the benefits of way more affordable offshore talent, without the risk or the headaches. We manage the process and the people.

How will we work together?

iStock_000065237135_SmallWe normally bring our own team, ready to go out the gate, but we can also work with your local team, if you have one, and bring everyone together in one process. The more responsibility we can assume, the better we perform!
Usually, we start with an onsite visit, where we get to know you, your team, and your product, and together we scope out what we are going to create. Then we go home and get cracking.

We can utilize our own talented web and mobile designers, or we can work with yours, and your established brand. Our designers create clickable, interactive, high fidelity mockups, so you can see what you are getting before it is developed, and make corrections and changes.
Quality Assurance is an integral part of our deliverables, with dedicated software engineers doing manual and automated testing continuously.

We cover the range of modern development, read more on our technology and services pages. Projects we are working on right now with clients like you involve modern web apps (responsive, HTML5), cross platform mobile development (iOS and Android), and middle tier development (secure APIs, legacy system integration, database design).

As part of our process, we will help mentor and bring aboard your own talent, including them in the project, and working together to get your product to market as well as launching an architecture, tools and processes that you can inherit and customize as we transition.

So what are you waiting for? Get your product to market and book a meeting with a Trailhead Partner today!

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