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Trailhead Technology Partners provides custom web, mobile, IoT, and cloud software solutions for enterprise customers using .NET, Xamarin, Angular, React, and other modern technology platforms.

Full Lifecycle or a la carte

We have the resources, the know how, and the track record to take on your whole project, from your initial idea, to the deployed, working product. We can also help with various aspects of this process a la carte, covering the following areas:

Requirements Discovery

This is one of the most important parts of the process, getting the correct requirements. This is not a formal, paper heavy process, but more a series of simple chats with the key stakeholders, where we use the whiteboard, and help walk through different scenarios or use cases, and explore the intended usage of the system for different kind of users. We help flesh out the vague areas, drill down into important decisions that may affect the scope and cost of the system, and document your input. Your job is to participate actively and give us a brain dump! You know the business, and we know the technology–together we can build a successful software solution.

User Interface/User Experience Design

Our UI/UX experts can create interactive, clickable mockups for web apps and mobile apps, so you can explore the project from various angles before even writing any code. Later in the project the design is served up to the software developers, and our UI experts then redline and baby the finished product to it meets your expectations. The design also involves usability, navigation flow, and responsive design.

Architecture and System Design

Given requirements and a user interface design, our team can assemble the system architecture, the blueprint that gives the big picture for what needs to happen. This architecture includes choices of technology in various tiers of the system (such as user interface, middle tier, data access, database, legacy integrations, reporting, and so on). The design is typically a document along with a set of diagrams and database tables that can be handed to our development team, or yours. In our agile process, design and development progress in tandem, but the overall system design and architecture is normally set up front.

Development and Testing

This is the man-hour intensive part of the project, where the user stories are translated through the user interface mockups and architecture to working, tested code. We use an agile process, allowing a constant feedback loop, with short sprints where you can course correct. Each sprint consists of some planning, a set of features that are developed, tested and delivered. We use our own tools and best practices and involve you as much as you can, and we use automated and manual testing to keep your code in good shape.

Migrate Legacy to Modern

Legacy can mean a range of technologies, from Silverlight to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms (WinForms), and even Java. With the release of ASP.NET Core, ASP and ASP.NET could also be deemed legacy. We have worked with these technologies, and understand them well. We can help you migrate your legacy systems to cross platform .NET Core, either wholesale or piece by piece, as well as train your team on the new technology and give architectural advice.


Other than the full development cycle, we also offer auditing services, where we can perform a “CTO for hire” style audit of your applications, data flows, personnel, security and documentation, in order to give you a second opinion, from an expert, on these crucial aspects of your business. These typically involve a series of on site visits, interviews with executives and other organizational members, several follow on deep dives into topics deemed worthy of further investigation, and a presentation of the final results document along with recommended actions.

Part-Time CTO

Have a short-term software project that requires leadership, or do your company’s technology needs not justify a full-time Chief Technology Officer? We can fill that role with an experienced technology leader at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CTO. In addition to our one-time technology audit services, we can provide short-term or ongoing support to hire, manage, and run a team of technologists.