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Getting Started with Azure CLI

April 26, 2021 - Rodrigo Juarez

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What is Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Azure CLI is a set of commands used to manage Azure resources. The advantages to using it are that you can access functionality not available in the portal, and you can automate your work.

You can run commands in all different shells and operating systems, but for this post, I’m going to use PowerShell and Windows 10.

Installing the Azure CLI

You can find the latest MSI distributable here. After the installation, you can log in to your Azure subscription with the az login command.
This will load an Azure sign-in page.

Then you can use az version to check that everything is working as expected.

Some useful commands

  • az configure some defaults configuration
  • az -h help
  • az account list --output table list subscriptions
  • az account show --output table current active subscription (would be used as default subscription)
  • az account set --subscription "My Demos" change the active subscription
  • az account list-locations --output table list locations
  • az find commandtosearch find commands containing commandtosearch in the name
  • az upgrade update your CLI installation

Where to continue

To continue learning about Azure CLI, you can see in this link a list of popular articles by category, or you can use the Additional Resources section below.

I’m also planning some upcoming blog posts right here showing some specific tasks using Azure CLI.

Additional Resources

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