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Trailhead has worked with clients in a wide variety of industries, but here are some verticals where we specialize:


Agriculture uses a lot of advanced IT, including GIS systems, manufacturing, ERP, logistics, EDI and more. At Trailhead, we have had the fortune to work on designing and implementing large scale custom business solutions in this space, for leading growers in the central valley California. Through these projects we have acquired detailed domain knowledge from the world of Ag, and combine it with our expertise in robust mobile field applications, as well as integration with GIS and Data Warehousing solutions.

Route Optimization and Logistics

Trailhead has developed a series of logistics and route optimization solutions, and has built up a strong expertise in the field. We know how to do Route Optimization that takes into account traffic patterns, service windows and other constraints to automatically create efficient routes. We develop mobile apps that log GPS coordinates so you can see the path taken by vehicles and current position, snapping the sometimes noisy and messy GPS data to the most probable actual route driven – see more in the Mobile Workforce section. We also excel at visualizing the logistics data – from planning routes on interactive maps, to displaying ongoing operations for a dispatcher, and reporting on the day’s results using powerful charts and reports. If you need to build an app that utilizes logistics, routing, a mobile field work force, or dispatch, we can save you a lot of time!

Mobile Workforce

Hand in hand with Logistics goes our Mobile Workforce specialty. We develop cross platform native mobile apps that supply mobile workers with lists of stops to visit, along with directions to get to each site, and we log GPS coordinates so you can see the path taken by and current location of vehicles or people. We are good at creating offline mobile logistics apps that can do dynamically configured surveys, store data in local databases for synchronization when a network is available, and use device capabilities like cameras, Bluetooth, and biometrics to perform work at different sites. Our apps work on iOS and Android phones and tablets, are secure, and are developed using technologies that share code across platforms to save time and money on development and maintenance. We use push notifications to communicate changes to the mobile work force, and we use background services to collect information in a battery efficient and non-intrusive manner.

Administrative Systems

Through the years we have accumulated a strong expertise in building web based administrative systems, many times running in the Cloud, and often multi tenant. Our experience includes School Systems (managing teachers, students, courses, schedules, parent portals, reporting, etc), Project Management systems (custom systems to manage projects with specific business customization, such as Architects managing multi year, distributed and document-oriented processes), CRMs, ERPs and WMSes. Our systems often also contain a mobile companion that integrates with the administrative system, to perform specialized tasks such as scanning documents, entering inventory data or completing work orders.


Through our work with Bradford and Inspect-a-Lot, we have acquired strong domain knowledge of the housing appraisal and inspection process, as well as technical know-how in creating tablet based solutions for this domain. Our expertise includes efficient onsite data registration, finger-driven sketching of properties, automated calculations of various living areas, and management of photos and notes. Our applications work offline, synchronizing work orders and data with a back-end service when a network is available, but storing inspections locally when offline.