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Trailhead Technology Partners provides training in several different technologies and tools.


Angular is a framework for building mobile and desktop web applications that are built using JavaScript or TypeScript. Trailhead can show you how to build amazing client-side applications using Angular on top of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you already know Angular 1.x, let us show you Angular’s many improvements in the recent major-version releases which make it easy to learn and develop enterprise-scale applications. You too can build extendable, maintainable, testable and standardized applications using Angular.

Kendo UI

Telerik’s Kendo UI library is a powerful tool for building JavaScript applications, and at Trailhead, we have experts in it that can help you. Whether you’re new to Kendo UI or just need some more help on advanced topics, Trailhead can help.


With the release of ASP.NET Core, Microsoft has made great strides in creating a very modern and powerful platform for web developers. They’ve embraced open source tools like grunt and NPM, and brought ASP.NET into the cutting edge of web development.

These new features come at the cost of moving some things around and changing how some familiar features of ASP.NET worked before. Trailhead can walk you through those changes so you can use them to your advantage instead of having them feel daunting when you’re ready to do your first ASP.NET Core app.