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Technology Specialties

Every project has its own mix of technologies, but here are the ones we specialize in.

Angular SPA

Single Page Applications (SPAs) built with Angular are a great way to quickly develop modern, responsive web sites. We have worked with Angular since version 1, and have become experts at rapidly creating rich enterprise applications using this technology, as well as utilizing automated regression testing tools to test the apps. You can see several examples in our portfolio, including the Holojem management portal, the AvailTec in-vehicle mobile data terminal, and the Prein & Newhof Project Management Portal. We also help migrate or rewrite your legacy ASP.NET or Silverlight applications as Angular SPAs, and we build Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Cordova native apps using Angular.

Xamarin Forms

Xamarin is an excellent way to build powerful, cross platform native mobile apps, that run on iOS, Android and Windows. With Xamarin forms, the amount of shared code is around 70%, allowing you to deliver your app across multiple mobile platforms with less development and less maintenance. We are Xamarin Partners, and have been using Xamarin since early days. You can see many examples in our portfolio, including the Bradford Inspect-a-Lot appraisal app, the Dacsa Bold Inventory app, and the Arctic Mobile Companion. We pair our Xamarin expertise with automated UI testing in App Center, as well as expertise in offline mobile apps with local storage, GPS tracking, push notifications and dynamic mobile surveys.


“The Cloud” has been a buzzword for a long time, but we have become very proficient at utilizing many Cloud technologies and typically bring them to bear in most of our projects. We have embraced many cost and performance saving techniques, including static web sites, azure functions and web jobs, as well as leading edge technologies like conversational bot frameworks, event hubs for ingesting IoT events, CDNs for app download speed, DevOps (Visual Studio Team Services and App Center) for continuous integration and delivery, automated load testing in Azure, Azure database, Redis cache, Azure Active Directory (including B2B and B2C solutions with social media signon), and of course dotnetcore and entity framework core APIs. We know how to best utilize the on-demand strengths of the Cloud while balancing cost and performance. In our portfolio you can see the Holojem Management Portal, which utilizes many of these technologies.

.NET Core

.NET Core has become more and more powerful ever since its inception and is now our platform of choice for building APIs. We have created numerous ASP.Net Core and Entity Framework Core sites, and also use SignalR (and its cousin Azure SingalR as a service), Azure Notification Hubs, Event Hubs, Redis cache, Azure DB and a host of Azure Marketplace services like SendGrid for mass emails and BrainTree for payments. We are particularly good at architecting multi-tenant cloud solutions, with APIs that support cross platform mobile devices (native Xamarin and responsive Angular web), and strong declarative security patterns that limit access to data by role, tenant and other dimensions. If you need to build a multi tenant, enterprise application hosted in the cloud, we can help you bring all these technologies together in an efficient and cost saving manner. In our portfolio, the Holojem Management Portal, demonstrates this specialty.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

The combination of Visual Studio Team Services and App Center allows you to move your whole build, test and deployment pipeline to the Cloud. We use this setup for almost all of our projects, routinely configuring continuous integration, continuous delivery, and cloud based UI and load testing. This has given us a wealth of experience setting up various CI/CD pipelines, including saving money by running build agents on cheaper VMs, and using creative solutions to deploy sites and services in ways that cost optimize Azure resources. We often help our client’s teams set up their own pipelines, or migrate from on premise setups. We also use agile processes such as Scrum and Kanban, deploying VSTS to manage backlogs, work items, code (Git), and test suites. If you need help migrating or implementing development processes in the cloud, we can help!