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.NET / .NET Core

At Trailhead, we’re experts on the .NET ecosytem. Our team is full of certified experts, and even a Microsoft Most Valueable Professional (MVP). We’ve been working with .NET since the beginning, so we know it inside and out.
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The .NET Ecosystem

The .NET ecosystem is huge, and it enabled many different development scenarios, including web, desktop, cloud-native, IoT, mobile, and much more. Let Trailhead help you sort through the options in .NET and find the best technology for your project.


ASP.NET is the successor to Microsoft’s ASP.NET. It is a free, modular, high-performance, and open-source web framework for building cross-platform applications on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Xamarin Cross-Platform Mobile

Let Trailhead show you how Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms allows you to create powerful native mobile applications for Android and iOS in C# while reusing 50-90% of your code.

Web APIs

Use .NET to build a middle-tier that can be reused by web, mobile, desktop, or IoT applications, as well for systems integrations with any system capable of calling a RESTful API.

SQL Server, SQL Azure, & CosmosDB

Trailhead knows how to leverage on-premesis databases like SQL Server or cloud-native ones like SQL Azure and CosmosDB to build fast and efficient data stores for your applications.

WinForms, WPF, & UWP

Developing for a device or the desktop? No problem. Trailhead knows all the options for building rich desktop applications and IoT applications with .NET.

Azure Cloud

Whether your moving an existing application to the cloud or looking for help creating a highly-scalable cloud-native application, Trailhead can help.