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Angular Development

At Trailhead, we know Angular. That’s no suprirse, because we’ve been working with it since version 1.0. Our developers know every new feature introduced since then, and can ensure your web applications are secure, performant, and a pleasure to use.
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Angular is an app development framework built in TypeScript/JavaScript which provides developers with a robust framework and tools to quickly create modern web applications.

Latest Version of Angular

Trailhead stays up on the latest version of Angular so you don’t have to, and uses the latest features to provide the best functionality for you.

Progressive Web Apps

Trailhead can help you narrow the gap with the user experience if a native application by deploying your Angular app as as progressive web app.

Responsive UI

Most web use is from mobile devices today. Trailhead can design your Angular applicaiton so it works equally well on mobile, tablet, and desktop screens.

App Moderization & Migration

If you have a legacy app that needs to be refreshed, Trailhead can help you migrate it to Angular, either all-at-one or gradually, whichever works best for you needs.

Angular App Architecture

Got performance issues? Is something not working as it should? We can review your Angular application to figure out what tweaks would have the biggest impact on your problems.

TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, & CSS

Trailhead uses all the modern, cross-browser tools and languages to build you an application you will love and your team will love to maintain.