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Custom Development

Custom Development

Trailhead provides custom web, mobile, IoT, and cloud software solutions for enterprise customers using .NET, Xamarin, Angular, React, and other modern technology platforms.
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Explain the problem and Trailhead can help you figure out what you need. Here’s a list of the most common deliverables we end up delivering to our clients.

Web Applications

Web applications have the most universal support and are easiest to maintain. Trailhead uses modern frameworks and technologies to build fast, user-friendly applications for the web.

Mobile Apps

We can help you build native mobile applications that are cross-platform on iOS and Android, while still reusing most of the code.


We know how to built fast, reliable, and secure APIs layers to serve both web and mobile applications, as well as systems integrations.

Backend Integrations

Often it’s best to leverage what you already have that is working. Trailhead can help integrate into a wide variety of existing software systems.

Desktop & IoT Applications

Got a device that needs to do something? Need a desktop application for kiosks, laptops, or desktops? We can build any of those things for you.

Cloud Applications

Trailhead has deep experience with building cloud-hosted and cloud-native applications.


Every project is different, but here are a few ways we find that we can often help.

Rapid Prototyping

Need to build out a demo or prototype for a tradeshow or sales pitch?
We’re very fast!

Migrating Legacy to Modern

Old technology can get expensive and difficult to maintain. Let us help you find the smartest way to upgrade your old technology.

Technology & Architectural Review

Don’t know what’s wrong or why it’s so slow? We can carefully review your application in detail and make recommendations about where to start.

Team Review

Do we have who we need? What skillset should you hire next? What technologies should the team be learning? We can help your figure that out.

New Development

If you need it and it doesn’t already exist, we’ll help you design it and build it. That’s kind of our specialty.

Collaborative or Consultative

Whether you need us to work alongside your existing team or need us to handle all the heavy lifting, Trailhead can work with you.