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Proven Process

Trailhead uses no nonsense, industry proven best practices, like agile development, continuous integration and automated testing, to make success a deliberate and repeatable process.

Our output is not a surprise to you, it evolves with your input and course corrections all along the way. We set up a shared demo environment that is automatically updated on an hourly basis with the latest version. We do weekly demos to walk you through the current state of the project and gather feedback, but you don’t have to wait. You can log on any time, day or night, to see progress. We use technology, tools and processes to make success a repeatable and deliberate outcome.

Trailhead covers the whole software life cycle. We help elicit the requirements from you and document them, we design and architect the system, we create interactive mockups and designs so you can see what you will be getting even before any code is written. We do all parts of the craft, we are full stack: user interface, business logic, databases, integration – the works. We also have our own Quality Assurance engineers, we manage the projects and we drive them to success.