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Montage Furniture Services provides furniture protection plans and claims
processing services to a wide selection of furniture retailers and consumers.

Montage Portal
Montage was looking to build a new web portal for both Retailers and
Consumers, which would integrate with Dynamics CRM and other legacy systems. The portal needed to be
multi tenant and support branding and configuration for different Retailers. Trailhead architected
the new Montage Platform, including the Portal and all of it’s back end integrations, did the UI/UX
and then delivered the new system, along with enhancements to DevOps and processes.

Trailhead stepped into a challenging project – building our new web architecture and
redeveloping our portals at the same time the business was migrating from a legacy system to our new CRM
solution. They were able to not only significantly improve our web development architecture but our
development and deployment processes as well as the functionality and performance of our portals. The
feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Trailhead has proven themselves to be a
valuable partner.

BOB DOERKSEN, Vice President of Technology Services
at Montage Furniture Services


NorthStar is a mobile workforce optimization
platform. A dispatcher can upload work orders for route drivers, and then sequence the stops
optimally for traffic, service windows and other factors. The dispatcher can view progress in real
time throughout the day, and access reports and analytics afterwards. The driver uses a native
mobile app to manage their stops and tasks, and can perform surveys, which allow for actions like
scanning bar codes, taking pictures, getting signatures and providing other input.

Web + Mobile + Logistics
Trailhead built the web front end, along with a back end service that uses
a combination of routing and sequencing APIs paired with custom algorithms to plan and analyze
routes. The solution is multi-tenant and hosted in the cloud, with tenants paying a monthly
subscription fee per route. Trailhead also built a cross platform mobile app, and a completely
dynamic and flexible survey feature, which allows the app to record whatever data the tenant needs
to collect, including biometrics, GPS location, signature, photos, videos, and text or voice input.

Trailhead worked together with our company for many years, and after a while, it became apparent what we were doing together could be spun out as a product of it’s own. We worked together to design the features of the product, and then jointly launched our NorthStar platform. Trailhead has done a great job building NorthStar with today’s leading technology and they work extremely well with our sales and product development teams to help guide our product road map. The team is extremely smart, they communicate very well, and they are great to work with. I am very happy to have found the Trailhead team many years ago and I am thrilled about all the exciting opportunities that lie ahead in our new joint venture.

JOHN KEANE, Principle Partner at NorthStar


JDi Data has built several insurance related products, and found a
recurring need to configure actions that happen when various events occur, for instance, sending
emails of faxes, updating database records, or FTPing files. They wished to build a product,
FlowBot, that would be a configurable workflow engine that could serve all these needs and be sold
as a standalone, multi-tenant cloud service.

Trailhead built the front end web application that allows management of
FlowBot tenants and users, as well as a custom workflow design surface to allow events to be
connected to tasks and actions. Trailhead also did the UX work, an API that the web app uses, and
assisted with porting existing workflow engine code to .NET Core. The API runs in a Docker Container
on Linux, and can dynamically operate with either SQL Server or MySQL databases.


Avail Technologies builds software and hardware systems for every aspect of
public transit. Their driver interface application, the Mobile Data Terminal, ran on legacy
platforms that were becoming difficult to update and maintain. Avail wanted to upgrade the MDT
application to the latest technology and leverage the platform flexibility that .NET Core and
Angular offer.

Touchscreen Web App
Trailhead worked closely with Avail product managers and engineers to
design and develop a modern touch interface web application that closely resembles the legacy
application from the user’s perspective, but is built using the latest technologies including .NET
Core and Angular. The new application architecture is built with future capabilities in mind and
alleviates many of the constraints and complexities of the legacy system.

Trailhead continues to be an excellent partner to augment and complement our own internal
Product Development team. They help us stay abreast of and current with the latest technologies. They
are great to collaborate and work with, and they consistently deliver high quality solutions on time and
within budget.

RICK SPANGLER, CTO at Avail Technologies


Jewelers Mutual Insurance wanted to bring to market an interactive
holographic kiosk that would draw potential customers into retail jewelry stores and allow them to
view custom jewelry in an exciting new way. With Holojem, kiosk users can search and interact with
3D models of custom jewelry and share them with friends.

Kiosk + Web + Azure Cloud
Trailhead architected and developed the full software stack to enable a
scalable and distributed network of Windows 10 touchscreen kiosks backed by content delivery and web
administration on Microsoft Azure. Jewelers are able to manage their jewelry catalog via a secure
web application and new content is immediately distributed to their cloud-connected kiosks. Users
can view, save, and share jewelry items through a responsive web application.

Trailhead provides unparalleled agility in execution and scaling to have the right level
of resources to deliver quality technology. Their proactive approach in seeing the bigger picture is
welcomed and uncommon. Trailhead’s on time and on/under budget estimates are consistently met–I always
clearly understand what I can expect from them.

BENJAMIN DeBOER, Director, Corporate Innovation at
Jewelers Mutual Insurance


Prein and Newhof is a respected engineering firm doing civil engineering,
environmental consulting, asset management, grants and funding, and more. They needed technical
experts to update a legacy app built for project management through a custom database.

Mobile + Web Application
Trailhead interviewed users to determine the requirements for a replacement
system and built a modern web application that would replace two existing systems. The team also
implemented a data migration strategy and created a mobile cross platform companion app that would
streamline workflow.


Bradford Technologies specializes in providing appraisal technology for the
real estate industry. With current software about to expire, they needed a team that could guide
them in the vision and development of a new tablet appraisal application.

Trailhead worked with business owners and appraisers to create a
state-of-the-art iPad appraisal app, including a finger based property sketcher and a series of
custom data entry features to streamline workflow, all integrated with the clients existing API.

The guys at Trailhead were an excellent group to work with…One of our requests was that
it had to be super intuitive with a WOW type UX. The developers at Trailhead came through in flying
colors with an app that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

JEFF BRADFORD, CEO at Bradford Technology


Dacsa is a Swedish software company that developed the BOLD eCommerce Suite
for purchasing, selling, fulfilling, and delivering orders. They needed external expertise to build
a mobile component that would seamlessly integrate with their product middle tier.

Mobile + Web Application
Trailhead augmented Dacsa’s desktop system with an iOS and Android app for
managing inventory and a companion web based sales dashboard. Features of the app integrated with
their existing back end system and services.

Trailhead has helped us develop an integrated mobile component and a platform for further
mobile development – an area where we have no experience and not enough time for research and training.



Arctic Express is Nestle’s largest and most efficient Small Format Ice
Cream and Frozen Food Distributor in the United States. They needed greater efficiency and logistics
insights with their mobile workforce to track shipments and assist drivers in delivering products.

Mobile + Web Application
Trailhead built a custom Android mobile inventory app to complement and
connect with Arctic Express’s existing DSD software (through API integration), allowing dispatch to
see drivers’ location in real time (with GPS tracking), assist with directions, and view ongoing
operations from the Dispatch web app.

The Trailhead team developed a cutting edge GPS mobile application that has dramatically
improved the visibility that we have into our distribution business. The team is professional, highly
skilled, and specialized in developing custom software solutions that move the needle for your business.

JOHN KEANE, VP at Arctic Express


PDR Mobile provides paintless dent repair (PDR) businesses to estimate,
repair, invoice and track payments from a mobile device. They needed a white label product that
would integrate with their partners systems, be branded for partners, and include expanded features.

Mobile + Web Application
Trailhead worked with PDR’s existing mobile app, evolving the product with
new features and across various technology components in order to make it ready for partner systems.

In Trailhead we found a long term partner that understands our business needs, can help
us make technology choices, and swiftly implement new features across our solution. They helped us
integrate our system with a B2C partner and streamlined our development process, continuous integration,
and cloud deployment.