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Build & design a mobile app using Xamarin's cross-platform development software which simplifies mobile application creation. Click to read more about how we can help with your Xamarin project!

We are proud to be an authorized Xamarin partner. You can read more about the program here:

What does this mean for you? It means we have documented experience building applications with Xamarin. In fact, we have built a range of cross platform, native apps using this technology, from Emergency First Responder Software, Email Archival Browsing, internal enterprise grade apps for eCommerce, Logistics apps and Warehouse Management.

Xamarin has several advantages over other approaches for mobile development:

  1. It is native. This is not a web app in a phone gap style container, or an interpreted slow scripted app. This has raw native performance, native look and feel, and full access to all native hardware and capabilities, including sqlite databases, geolocation, scanning hardware, camera, touch ID and printing.
  2. It leverages C# and Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio for highly productive development. If you are a .NET shop, and have a .NET middler tier, then it makes a lot of sense to write the mobile UI in .NET too.
  3. You resuse a lot of code between platforms. Typically with Android and iOS you can share 60% of the code, meaning faster to market, lower deveopment cost, and lower maintenance costs. Why not 100%? Because the UI layer is still developed to look and feel native. iOS and Android have different widgets, differnet expected behaviors, differnt capabilties, and we dont want to lose those unique strengths.


Below are some screen caps from some of our recent Xamarin projects:

Typically, we combine the mobile development with creating a secure REST/JSON WebAPI using .NET, that ties into your existing back end and database, also reusing your authentication model.

With Xamarin UI testing and Test Cloud, we can test the mobile app on a huge amount of real mobile devices, so that if you have a consumer facing product, or a large variety of devices, you can test the app on your most important handhelds prior to rollout.

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