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Microsoft Build 2021: .NET News

May 27, 2021 - J. Tower

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Microsoft Build 2021 just wrapped up, and a lot of the new coverage was about things like the upcoming major updates to Windows, the retirement of IE and pre-Chromium Edge, and the new Windows app store that is being developed.

However, this year’s event also included some very exciting news for software developers and teams, including a new version of Windows Terminal and support for Linus GUI apps via the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

I’ve summarized a few of my other favorite tidbits below.

ASP.NET Updates

The ASP.NET team is introducing a new way to create APIs with much less overhead than MVC and very little ceremony or wire-up code to write.

app.MapGet("/", async httpContext =>
    await httpContext.Response.WriteAsync("Hello World!");

Read more on the ASP.NET blog.

Kestrel is Now Default Debug Server

IIS Express has been unseated as the default launch profile. Starting with .NET 6 Preview 4, Kestrel is used and “results in a more responsive experience while developing your apps”.

Read more on the ASP.NET blog.

Blazor WebAssembly Ahead-of-Time (AoT) Compilation

Blazor WebAssembly (the client-side version of Blazor) now allows you to precompile your .NET code to WebAssembly for significantly faster performance. Blazor WebAssembly currently relies on an interpreter to turn IL into WebAssembly on the fly. This change will be especially noticeable for any CPU-intensive tasks in your code.

Read more on the ASP.NET blog.

.NET Hot Reload Experience

Starting with ASP.NET and Blazor, Microsoft is revamping and modernizing its hot reload functionality, and eventually plans to make these changes across all its frameworks. Currently, this includes Blazor, .NET MAUI, and ASP.NET Razor Pages.

Read more on the .NET Blog.

.NET Multi-Platform App UI (MAUI) Blazor Apps

Microsoft announced that .NET MAUI–the eventual replacement for Xamarin.Forms for cross-platform development–would be generally available at .NET Conf in November of 2021. In addition to continue to port UI components from Xamarin.Forms, the .NET team has also enabled support for running Blazor apps inside a WebView in the app.

Read more on the .NET Blog.


Those were some of the .NET-related announcements that stood out to me. What announcements were you most excited about? Let me know in the comments.

J. Tower

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