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Skilled Communicators

A Trailhead Partner is not a nerd, nor a manager, nor a salesperson: a Partner is… a partner. We speak your language, not geek speak. We interview your team to understand your needs. We communicate often and well. But we also know how to get the job done, so we don’t sell you a pie in the sky. This rare combination of skills sets us apart from our competition.

The unique feature of a Trailhead Partner is the rare combination of a people person, who speaks to you in plain English, and an engineer that knows how to translate that into a system architecture and a detailed plan of action to turn your dreams or plans into reality. We have a process that is geared toward a high level of communication and interactive, hands on engagement. We spent time on site, up front, so we get to know each other, and work with you to draw out your business needs in our Project Scope Workshops.