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ASP.NET Core Services


Introducing: ASP.NET Core 1.0

As we recently wrote, ASP.NET Core has now been released to production. We expect companies with legacy systems, as well as enterprises starting brand new projects today, to take a serious look at rolling out their first ASP.NET Core system these next few months, and we can help you in three easy steps:

Architecture and Advice

Before you embark upon this new adventure in technology, it makes sense to get the big picture, and hear from the experts how the new stack works, what it enables, and how it can coexist or become the foundation for your software development projects. Our partners are senior architects and CTO level leaders that can work with your management and technical management to explore the way forward. We do this as a fixed price workshop, on site or in some cases offsite, and it can be wrapped up within a couple of weeks, along with a technology roadmap and recommendations.



Once your management team has charted out its strategy, there is lot of new technology, tools & concepts in ASP.NET Core to learn about. At Trailhead, we’ve got you covered with training on ASP.NET Core. Do you have a team that you’d like to get up to speed? Check out our next available training slot here: we’ll walk you through, step-by-step, everything you need to know about ASP.NET Core. Or, maybe it makes more sense for us to come to you and train your team on-site.

Migration and Implementation

ASP.NET Core may be fresh off the presses, but at Trailhead we have been developing with it since January, and already have two projects migrated to the new framework! We started at RC1, migrated through to RC2 (which was a major change!) and finally transitioned to RTM. We can help your team build their first .NET Core project, delivering a solid set of patterns and best practices, so you can be off to a running start. Or we can take your legacy system and migrate it for you, wholesale or piece by piece.


No matter how far you have come with your ASP.NET adoption, we hope to be able to guide you through the process with Architecture, Training and Development resources!

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