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Trailhead: Your Software Experts

Each Trailhead partner is top-tier talent with decades of consulting experience and world-class qualifications. When you engage with a Trailhead partner, you are in good hands.

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Technology Leaders

When you engage with a Trailhead Partner, you will have an industry expert at your disposal. We are Microsoft MVPs, experienced architects, CTOs, sought-after speakers, and Telerik Developer Experts.

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Skilled Communicators

A Trailhead Partner is not just a nerd, a manager or a salesperson. We are prepared to uncover and understand your needs and communicate frequently, because software is complex and requires it.

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Proven Process

Trailhead uses no-nonsense, industry-proven best practices like agile development, continuous integration and automated testing to make success a deliberate and repeatable process. We take ownership of your project and make it happen.

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Excellent Quality

Trailhead is the safest choice to deliver a quality system in a timely manner with no unpleasant surprises. We are able to offer a very competitive rate, yet you get extremely talented developers - the best of both worlds!

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John Waters

Experienced Leader, Technology Strategist, Systems Architect

John is an experienced technology leader, entrepreneur and software architect extraordinaire. John has spent the last two decades architecting and implementing a range of high performance business solutions, including public transit planning, vehicle dispatching, route optimization, ERP systems, custom enterprise software for medical and military clients, and software for automated stock trading. John's experience ranges from CTO of various enterprises, to CEO and Founder of several software consulting firms.

Jonathan "J." Tower

Microsoft MVP, Telerik Developer Expert, Software Architect

Jonathan "J." Tower is a Microsoft MVP, Telerik Developer Expert, Software Architect, and Principal consultant with a passion for technology, building community, and sharing what he's learned with others. J. recently returned home to Michigan from a year-long trip around the country with his family where they visited all of the lower 48 states.

Josh Eastburn

Telerik Developer Expert, Microsoft Technology Specialist, Experienced Software Architect

Josh is a Telerik Developer Expert, Microsoft Technology Specialist, and an experienced software architect with over 16 years of experience as a software consultant. Josh enjoys using the latest technology to solve business problems and has worked with various industries including distribution, logistics, financial services, transportation, and education.